Activation of drinking water



(57)【要約】 【目的】 飲用水のクラスターを小さくして味をおいし く、健康の増進に役立てることができる活性化方法の提 供。 【構成】 カートリッジ2を収納した浄水器A内に遠赤 外線放射体3を設けて該浄水器内を通過する飲用水4に 遠赤外線を放射させる構成。
PURPOSE:To make drinking water palatable to make the same helpful to promotion of health by reducing the cluster of drinking water by irradiating drinking water passing through a water purifier with far infrared rays by providing a far infrared emitter in the water purifier having a cartridge received therein. CONSTITUTION:A far infrared emitter 3 (e.g. a platinum electromagnetic wave fiber containing a fine platinum power and formed into a fluffy state) is provided in a water purifier A having a cartridge received therein to irradiate drinking water passing through the water purifier A with far infrared rays. As a result, the cluster of drinking water is made small and drinking water can be made palatable to be made helpful to promotion of health.




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