Preparation of oil resistant rubber hose


PURPOSE:To enhance the adhesiveness between inner and outer layers, by arranging a reinforcing yarn layer and an unvulcanized outer pipe rubber layer to the outer surface of an inner pipe rubber layer to obtain an unvulcanized rubber hose and inserting a metal mandrel having an outer diameter larger than the inner diameter of said hose to vulcanize the hose under pressure. CONSTITUTION:Simultaneous extrusion molding is performed by a double extruder so that a fluorocarbon rubber unvulcanized composition becomes an inner pipe rubber inside layer 1 and an epichlorohydrin type rubber unvulcanized composition becomes an inner pipe rubber outside layer 2. A reinforcing yarn layer 3 is knitted by brade-knitting on the obtained inner pipe rubber hose and the epichlorohydrin type rubber unvulcanized composition is applied to the outside thereof as an outer pipe rubber layer 4. A metal mandrel having an outer diameter larger than the inner diameter of the unvulcanized rubber hose is inserted in said hose using compressed air to vulcanize the hose by steam vulcanization and, subsequently, the metal mandrel is pulled out, and washing and heat treatment are applied to obtain a desired oil resistant hose.




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