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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an air conditioner capable of performing a humidity adjustment of higher accuracy than that of the prior art.SOLUTION: An air conditioner 10 of this invention is carried out in such a way that when an output of an air washer 40 is increased and the number of spray portions 45 being operated is increased, the spray portions are changed over from non-operated state to operated state in sequence from the lower side spray portion 45 and in turn when the output of the air washer 40 is lowered and the number of spray portions 45 being operated is decreased, the spray portions are changed over from the operated state to the non-operated state in sequence from the upper side spray portion 45, so that the portion showing occurrence of fog and the portion showing no occurrence of fog at an air passing section of a duct 11 are changed over clearly and stably. With this arrangement as above, as compared with the case that all the spray portions 45 are always used in the prior art to change-over only an amount of spray, the air conditioner 10 of this invention can perform a humidity adjustment of high accuracy only with the air washer 40.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1
【課題】従来より高い精度の湿度調整を行うことが可能な空調装置を提供する。 【解決手段】本発明の空調装置10では、エアワッシャ40の出力が上げられて作動状態の噴霧部45の数が増えるときには、下側の噴霧部45から順番に非作動状態から作動状態に切り替わる一方、エアワッシャ40の出力が下げられて作動状態の噴霧部45の数が減るときには、上側の噴霧部45から順番に作動状態から非作動状態に切り替わるので、ダクト11の空気通過断面において、霧が発生している部分と発生していない部分と明確かつ安定して切り替わる。これにより、従来のように常に全ての噴霧部45を使用して噴霧量だけを変更していたものに比べて、本発明の空調装置10では、エアワッシャ40のみで精度が高い湿度調整を行うことができる。 【選択図】図1




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