Joint for piping, and piping construction method using joint for piping



【課題】 上流側の配管と下流側の配管を連結する配管用継手について、部材点数を減少させるとともに、その密閉性を向上させることを課題とする。 【解決手段】 本実施形態の配管用継手1に形成された外ヒダ部5は胴部3の外周全周に亘って外側に向けて突設された断面視略三角形状の外ヒダ部5a、外ヒダ部5bより構成され、外ヒダ部5aと外ヒダ部5bの間に肉薄部8が形成されている。肉薄部8は外ヒダ部5の上面中程において設けられたスリット9によって急激に肉薄となっている部分であり、外ヒダ部5の他の部分よりも肉薄に形成されている。肉薄部8は素手によって切断可能な程度の肉厚となっており、施工時においては接続する配管に応じて適宜肉薄部8において外ヒダ部5を切断することで複数種の配管に対応することが可能となる。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce the number of members and improve sealability of a joint for piping for use in connecting an upstream side piping and a downstream side piping.SOLUTION: An outer frill part 5 formed at a piping joint 1 of this preferred embodiment is constituted of an outer frill part 5a and an outer frill part 5b having a substantially triangular shape as seen in its sectional view protruded outwardly over an entire outer periphery of a barrel part 3, and a thin-wall part 8 is formed between the outer frill part 5a and the outer frill part 5b. The thin-wall part 8 is a portion where it is sharply made thin by a slit 9 arranged at a middle part of an upper surface of the outer frill part 5 and it is further formed to be thinner than those of other portions of the outer frill part 5. The thin-wall part 8 is set to such a thickness as one that can be cut with bare hands, the outer frill part 5 is cut properly at the thin-wall part 8 according to piping pipes to be connected during the construction to enable the joint to be adapted for several types of piping pipes.




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