State-of-battery detection device and state-of-battery detection method



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a state-of-battery detection device and a state-of-battery detection method capable of suppressing degradation in detection accuracy for a state of a battery and an increase in detection time.SOLUTION: A state-of-battery detection device 1 carries a pulse current Ip (current values Ic and Id) alternately flowing in a charging direction and a discharging direction after charging/discharging of a secondary battery B stops to the secondary battery B, detects a voltage component (pulse voltage component va) contained in a voltage v between two electrodes of the secondary battery B and generated by the pulse current Ip, and detects a peak-to-peak voltage value Vp-p of this pulse voltage component va. Furthermore, the state-of-battery detection device 1 detects an internal resistance r of the secondary battery B on the basis of this peak-to-peak voltage value Vp-p and the current values Ic and Id of the pulse current Ip.
【課題】電池の状態の検出精度の低下及び検出時間の増加を抑制できる電池状態検出装置および電池状態検出方法を提供する。 【解決手段】電池状態検出装置1は、二次電池Bの充放電が停止した後に充電方向及び放電方向について交互に流れるパルス電流Ip(電流値Ic、Id)を二次電池Bに通電し、二次電池Bの両電極間の電圧vに含まれるパルス電流によって生じる電圧成分(パルス電圧成分va)を検出して、このパルス電圧成分vaのピーク間電圧値Vp−pを検出する。そして、このピーク間電圧値Vp−p及びパルス電流Ipの電流値Ic、Idに基づいて、二次電池Bの内部抵抗rを検出する。 【選択図】図2




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