Absolute light intensity measuring device and measuring method



【課題】測定精度を維持しつつ、常温環境下で簡易かつ短時間で測定できる小型の絶対光強度測定装置及び該装置を用いた絶対光強度測定方法を提供する。 【解決手段】絶対光強度測定装置50は、少なくとも、光源から照射される光を受光する受光板2a、及び一端側に前記光を通過させる開口部が形成されるとともに胴部他端側に前記受光板が支持される筒状部材2bを有する受光部1と、前記受光部の外周に前記受光部と離間して配され、前記受光板に照射される前記光の光軸上の位置が開口される第1の熱シールド11と、前記第1の熱シールドに接続され、前記第1の熱シールドを温度制御可能に加熱する第1の熱シールド用ヒータ部13と、を有することを特徴とする。 【選択図】図3
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a small size absolute light intensity measuring device and an absolute light intensity measuring method using the device capable of easily measuring in a short time under ambient temperature while ensuring measurement accuracy.SOLUTION: An absolute light intensity measuring device 50 includes at least: a light receiving unit 1 that has a light receiving plate 2a for receiving light emitted from a light source, and a cylindrical member 2b having an opening for allowing the light to pass therethrough at one end, and at the other end of the cylinder, the light receiving plate is supported; a first heat shield 11 which is disposed on the periphery of the light receiving unit being separated from the light receiving unit and opened at a position on the optical axis of the light irradiated to the light receiving plate; and a heater 13 for the first heat shield which is connected to the first heat shield so as to control the heating temperature of the first heat shield.




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